Russian tours to mineral springs in USA

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Russian tours to mineral springs in USA

The subject on medical aid from hot springs sparkles a debate and mystery that even some scientists are still refuting the claims that come with it. However, from trusted and tried research, the fact remains that having to bath in these hot springs have been a major way forward for the treatment bone ailments and also spinal ailments. There have been numerous research aimed at developing a possible theory that can be used to explain these observations. In making the matters more complicated to the none believers of this theory, many have gone to give a try to this therapy and came up with the same observations. The article is concerned with highlighting and discussing these theories as they have been developed by the current research.

Properties of Natural Hot Springs

The theories that have been developed to provide answers to these “miracles” are all related to the properties of this water. It is therefore important that these properties are considered for a better understanding. The water is packed with a lot of natural minerals that are dissolved in it. These include magnesium, calcium, sulfur, chlorides among many others. The reason behind the presence of these many minerals is because the water comes from underground aquifers that are embedded in rocks containing the minerals. Through weathering, these minerals are forced to be dissolved into the water, and as a result, they end up being part of what people bath on (Johnson, 1954).

Temperature is another important consideration. The water in many springs that people use for balneology has a temperature range of 37o C to about 42o C (Johnson, 1954). People are only able to have a chance of using these baths despite the high temperatures by gradually adapting to varied pools of lower temperatures that are increased gradually.

The Impacts of hot springs on the treatment

The health mechanisms that have been speculated in the treatment come in three forms. The high temperatures in the water and the fact that it covers much of the body Helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the body. The increased circulation ends up being beneficial in therapeutic mechanisms for the treatment of bone conditions (Schmalz, Hallo, Griffin, Kusch & Arce, 2014).

Further to this, the water as mentioned earlier is full of natural minerals. These include calcium and magnesium which are very essential for stronger bone formation. Most of the spinal and general bone issues are due to the lack of these two essential minerals. Through balneology, the elevated temperature of the water increases the opening of skin pores. The opening of these pores has been identifying to by far help in the absorption of the dissolved minerals from the water into the body (Schmalz, Hallo, Griffin, Kusch & Arce, 2014).

Another rather tried and slightly proven theory is on the issues to deal with pain receptors. Fukushige and Maeda argue that the high heat on the springs and the pressure of the water have the capacity of blocking the pain receptors of the back (2017). As a result, the help in reducing back pain associated with spinal related injuries.

Personal testimonies have been sufficient to prove the therapeutic assistance that hot springs have as far as treatment of bone and spinal related complications is of concern.

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